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If you work with Chinese suppliers, you have certainly received a number of messages about increasing prices of raw materials, like the following: "Dear [buyer name] The prices of [main raw materials in their product] have increased a lot recently, so we have to increase the price of your product to X.XX USD per piece. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. Best
China Local
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With the emergence of B2B platforms like Alibaba and e-sourcing, small and medium size enterprises (SME) get the impression that sourcing in a remote country is easy like buying on eBay. It is obvious that new technologies with Internet like Chat, social media, B2B platforms, have brought so many tools that can be mixed often to efficiently provide the needed
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Why? Because e-commerce in China is becoming huge and keep increasing. Chinese e-tailing has generated 190 billion dollars in 2012 and e-tailing industry has increased by 120% since 2003, birth year of the most important local e-tailing platform, and also now in the world: Taobao, which means “finding a treasure” in Chinese. Taobao is owned by Alibaba group, the most
China Negotiation
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Even so Chinese businessmen are more aware of international rules and etiquette, in recent years, the cultural differences will still remain as a major barrier to successful business with Chinese during the next century at least. Many managers believe no specific attention is needed for doing business and negotiation, and actually the capability to understand and manage cultural relationship is
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WeChat (Chinese: 微信, Pinyin : Weixin, literally means Micro Message) is a newly fashionable mobile app in China owned by Tencent Holdings, the Chinese company has the largest worldwide community through QQ and is the third largest internet company in the world. Launched in January 2011, WeChat has already gained over 300 million users in 2 years (the last 100
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Everybody knows that Chinese are good at PingPong, but do you know they have another national sport? TRADING, Yes indeed. Sourcing a product, for most Chinese traders seems to be actually translated this way : “find & sell-with-substantial-margin”. In China, good factories are not easy to dig up, language barrier and culture differences are of course some of the reasons why.