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lab testing
Fabien Gaussorgues
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The Basics about Laboratory Tests For Buyers From China Although it might not be obvious for new buyers, laboratory testing is something which always needs to be considered when importing from China. It should be integrated into your project from the beginning. However, it seems that due to a lack of knowledge many importers end up making big mistakes. There
Fabien Gaussorgues
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There recently has been a case for exporting a large volume of electric car toys to the UK. The buyer had found a supplier and negotiated a price, so most things had been settled already. Before making the final order, he wanted some basic due diligence to be done on the products he was going to buy. Just to be
Quality Inspections
Fabien Gaussorgues
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This month, an (article) of Asia Inspection confirmed that about 30-40% of the quality inspections in China fail. (source: Asia Inspection) There are multiple reasons for these failures: - Part(s) missing in the assembly - Scratches or poor workmanship - Mistakes on the subparts, for example material or color - Packaging marking not according to regulation Many of the clients who