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We deliver tailor-made end-to-end procurement value through cost-savings, increased quality, and unique services to ensure your success in China.
SAOS has helped hundred of companies worldwide to find and manage suppliers in China. Specialized in industrial sourcing, we focus on the development and the production of the products you need with the right quality and at the right cost.



Totally independent from suppliers, we work solely for our clients.
We thrive for dedication and integrity, your success is our achievement.
We promote transparency all along the supply chain. You have 100% access to your supplier and our resources.
Our working practices are tuned for corruption prevention.
We propose multiple solutions, final decision is always in your hands.
We dedicated one person for your projects to understand your needs and business.
We defend your interests with a high quality of service, flexibility and professional reporting tools to keep you connected.
We are your voice with suppliers.
Mixed Western and Chinese professionals with manufacturing & supplier management expertise in China.
Local language, local time, local culture for the best communication and efficient actions.



Western management and Chinese dedicated team




Find the best suppliers to develop your products:
- Supplier selection
- Supplier relationship management
- Industrial design
- Design for Manufacturing
- Prototyping

Due diligence

We built a unique list of services for each situation to provide visibility on your suppliers.
- Phone assistance in Mandarin or Cantonese
- Factory audits or simple visit
- Background checks and business registration
- Credit rating reviews
- and much more!

Project management

From factory selection through product development to goods delivery, we help customers to keep control during all project stages:
- Project timeline and budget planning
- Project follow-up using project control cloud tools
- Quality plan including inspections and critical support
- Corrective action implementation
- Production performance review

Quality Control

We provide quality control (QC) at all steps of the supply chain
- Quality audit
- Inspection check-list
- Product inspection before shipment
- Load control on cargo
- Supplier quality improvement consulting

Buying office

We can tune our services to act as a buying office:
- Direct payments in local CNY currency
- Weekly accounting report with full details
- Consolidation and warehouse seamlessly managed
- Customized quality control
- Manage orders and inventory with your criteria
- Other services like VAT optimization

Logistic management

Finding the best option to deliver goods from China can be a hassle and experience can bring large savings.
SAOS arranges deliveries all around the world for a fraction of the regular cost. (Express / Air / Sea)
Our customers benefit from our partnerships and experience to find the right solution between cost, delay and complexity.
We also advise and manage duty optimization, customs clearance, Import to China and fulfillment including end-to-end solution for Amazon FBA.

China supply chain consulting

Integration of all services from sourcing to delivery with critical phases to consider:
- Manage confidentiality through NDA or black box concept
- Setup contract for tool and production (OEM)
- Supplier Negotiations for price and other terms

Advanced services

We built a network of companies to provide a one stop solutions in China to our customers:
- Legal support
- Design and prototyping
- Patent and copyright
- Import export regulation
- VAT system
- Setup an office in China or Hong Kong



5 + years of business
10 + people
30 + countries from our customers
70 + projects per year - Helped 6+ projects from kickstarter and Indiegogo


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