Selecting the right supplier for long term manufacturing is not as easy as just picking up a provider in Alibaba or Made-in-China. Our process is defined to get the best results at reasonable cost while having a professional approach.

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Product Development

On time, on budget, on quality, those are the normal expectations from a product development. However, remote development management in China adds challenges that can be difficult to overcome without face to face meeting with your suppliers.

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Background Check

This provides a deeper knowledge on a potential supplier and to validate its legitimacy so that you know what to expect from that supplier. This service involves us interviewing the supplier, cross checking various sources including official registrations as well as reviewing their capability to be able to deliver upon the requirements of your project.

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We take your product specification and search for suitable suppliers or manufacturers than can provide your product. From the search results of finding suitable suppliers, we will then send out a Request for Quotation.

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  Since early 2012, we have helped 100's of companies in Europe and America to reduce their costs, and to find top suppliers from the Chinese market. With a Sino-French management, our sourcing team provides procurement and export services with high customer satisfaction rate.


How customers see our services:

  SAOS delivers high-level sourcing services, based on precise analysis and document, with a constant care to ensure correct fit to the end customer’s needs by taking a proactive approach. Width committed staff and a strong project management process, we ensure the target will be hit on time.
– Yannick Thiry, Project Manager, Strategic Cost Consulting


  Our tailor made services bring professional result at affordable price.

Talk to us to understand our process, we can analyze potential gain with your products for free. Please contact us for more details.

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